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  • Easy to Use – You can connect the Lumen Watch with your smartphone whether that is Android and iOS. You only need to install the watch app on your smartphone and turn on its blue-tooth. Your device is ready to use with its latest 15+ applications.
  • Real-Time ECG monitoring – The Lumen Watch has a built-in latest heart rate sensor and electrocardiogram. Now, you will be able to monitor your heart rate instantly and get the most out of your workout.
  • Long Battery Life – Lumen Watch has a built-in high capacity rechargeable lithium battery. That can last up to 3 days on continuous usage with the always on display activated.
  • Modern Design – A elegant design to match your daily style. Very lightweight and comfortable.
  • Monitors Your Sleep – It will monitor your sleep pattern and help you to have better sleep at night. You can use this modern watch to trace your sleeping pattern and guide you on how much sleep you require for a healthier lifestyle.
  • Personal Fitness Tracker – Keeps you motivated during your workout. Accurate fitness tracking across many different trainings.
  • HD Display – The Lumen Watch has a sharp High resolution display . It has an ultra-bright with a water and scratch-proof glass screen.
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What is it?

Are you thinking to get the latest technology smartwatch to kick start your new look and cannot afford these crazy high-priced smartwatches available in the market. We have a solution for you. We are presenting the Lumen Watch that carries all the latest premium smartwatch features, but will not burden your pocket. These days a smartwatch is not a fashion accessory but a lot more. It monitors your sleep patterns during the night and guides you on how much sleep you require for a healthier life. It can also motivates you during your workout sessions and tell you how much pushes are rested to reach the desired goal.

Some smartwatches can even monitor your heart rate and do a ECG of your heartbeats. Another astonishing feature of a smartwatch is to help you while you are on road. Lumen Watch has SOS and GPS locator to provide you, your exact location. So, the Lumen Watch will be the most important and useful gadget for you to kick start your new lifestyle. It balances the price-quality with the provided features perfectly. You don’t need to burden your pocket and break the bank and will get a smartwatch with all latest features.

What Makes Lumen Watch So Special?

The Lumen Watch is not a regular watch, it can monitor your heart rate, do ECG, record your sleep pattern, and monitor your fitness activity. It is lightweight and has a classy sleek design that looks elegant and stylish. It is built for all ages and is available in different colors to match your style. Everyone can enjoy the same features as integrated mobile support, GPS tracking, and medication alerts.

Furthermore, it has a one-button feature to make calls means if you are in an emergency then get help by calling instantly to predefined emergency numbers. The sedentary warning feature will remind you constantly after some time to stand and stretch your muscles. You can also receive all your social media notifications on your wrist. Answer back your emails from your smartwatch without touching your phone.

Its built-in optical heart rate sensor combined with the latest Artificial intelligence algorithms can offer exact measurements no matter if you are resting or doing the workout. You can do a ECG examination in a few minutes and then share it with your doctor using its app. It’s pure Gorilla glass screen is made of scratch-resistant material.

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Conclusion: Should I Get Lumen Watch?

Are you still thinking if you should go for it or not! Absolutely YES! You should get the Lumen Watch as for the price it has all the features to satisfy even the most demanding users. In this fast living world, you want to do things quickly and perfectly. Most of the time you do not have free time to check your social media updates and adapt healthy measures to live a peaceful life. This watch serves multiple purposes and can help you to enhance your lifestyle. It is a good as the big brand smartwatches available in the market. This is indeed the best choice for people who want to live a smart life on the go!

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“This Smartwatch is The Best I Had so Far…”

This watch really gives you bang for your buck! It has the basic functions that you need from a smart watch: it gives you notifications, it tells time, it’s not too clunky, it does activity and sleep tracking, and most importantly, it has a working heart rate monitor. A major plus is the battery life. This easily makes it through a week. The design of the watch is really good as well; as mentioned not too clunky. The band is really good and a lot better than what I expected for the price.

“Easy to Use & a Lot of Features and Very Comfortable…”

“Why buy an over-priced smart watch when you can get this awesome smart watch with the same features. The box that the watch came is was a very sturdy box and great to keep my charger in so I don’t lose it. The watch was completely charged upon arrival, so it was off to set it up. The manual is very easy to understand and will guide you through an easy setup. I downloaded the app on my phone and paired the watch with no problems. I give the quality of this watch 5 stars!”

“I Am Really Impressed With This…”

“The most important thing to me is comfort and this watch delivers!! The band is so soft and smooth on your skin. The battery life in between charges last a very long time and that’s also important because with all the devices we have these days, so this watch also gets 5 stars for a long battery life. I’m so glad I purchased this watch and not an overpriced smart watch. This watch has it all and highly recommend to anyone looking for a great smart watch.

Lumen Watch Takes Care of Your Health While Adding Style On Your Wrist!

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